So, five years ago, I’m in Vegas and stumble on some art that looks every bit as bad as my work. Then, a few weeks later, I stumble on the same work in a gallery near my home in Ft. Lauderdale. The curator hands me the artist’s bio, and it turns out there are some freakish similarities between us. Except he turned his art into a $100,000,000 per year industry. So, I figured – what the F@%K??? And did a direct knockoff of his work in about 5 minutes to prove how easy it was. And I forgot all about it, until I read a blurb about accusations of plagiarism. Turns out, my imitations of his work may actually be more original than his originals. Either way, there’s plenty of room in the world for two really bad artists.


I’m allergic to peanuts


Expiration Dates Don’t Lie


Stepped In Gum